Welcome to Neon City

Neon City NFT is the first Streetwear Fashion NFT from Asia. Neon City NFT
gathers the best streetwear designers from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
and aims to create the best NFT Streetwear brand and market to the whole world.

As the roadmap unfolds, Neon City NFT will roll out limited edition
and exclusive collaboration streetwear and merchs from well known
streetwear designers, from online store to physical outlets and
distribution of merchs through big retailers.

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POPDAWG® NFT is the OG Genesis Series - first among all series - designed by Smashpop.

Mint Price: 0.028 ETH
Total Supply : 3888 NFTs

The Collection will start with a mint of 3,888 OG Genesis POPDAWG, each granting its holder access to special perks and participation in future activations that will unlock through roadmap activation.

Each POPDAWG NFT will produce $POPBONE, which can be used to Each POPDAWG NFT will produce $POPBONE, which can be used to redeem limited edition and exclusive streetwear merchs which will be launched by the collab streetwear designers.

Our Roadmap

We want to create the best NFT Streetwear Brand. Period. And POPDAWG NFT holders will benefit from all the expansions and success of Neon City NFT.


Once 25% of the total supply has been released and claimed, we will randomly give away 0.25 ETH to 5 holders.


Once 50% of the total supply has been released and claimed, we will randomly give away 0.25 ETH to 5 Holders. We will also give away 5 Unique 1:1 NFTs to 5 lucky winners!


When over 75% are released and claimed. We will announce two surprises. Some teasers: Free Christmas Gift (worth at least 0.5 eth) to all the POPDAWG NFT holder with the SECRET TRAIT (total 20 NFTs)


We will announce the first collaboration with a well-renowned streetwear designer. Our online Merch Store will go live!


Once revealed, we will start giving out Christmas Gift to all NFT Holders with the SECRET TRAIT

We will start issuing “Hypebeast Minting Pass” to 250 people who qualifies. Holder of “Hypebeast Minting Pass” will be entitled to:
- Exclusive Giveaways
- Free Mint on the second series NFT by NeonCity NFT

To qualify for Hypebeast Minting Pass:
- you must hold at least 1x POPDAWG NFT;
- you must be an active contributor of our discord channel

NeonCity NFT will have frequent streetwear and merch collaboration drops which are exclusive to NeonCity NFT and can only be purchased through NeonCity NFT.

Launching of Staking programme which will generate $POPBONE for each POPDAWG NFT (more info soon).

NeonCity NFT will launch its FIRST physical store in bustling town of Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan.

NeonCity NFT will set up a meeting hideout in the METAVERSE (The Sandbox) for events and community experiences.

Second series NFT expected to be released by Q1 2022

ROADMAP 2.0 to be announced soon!


Welcome to Neon City NFT, a web3 streetwear social club where the POPDAWG NFT serves as your membership token to the exclusive club of Neon City NFT.


As the early supporter, each POPDAWG NFT holder will be rewarded from the success of NeonCity NFT. Neon City NFT will reward an amount equivalent up to 30% of Net Profit (non-guaranteed) as an airdrop reward to each holder periodically
(more info on this soon).


By holding a POPDAWG NFT, you will be entitled to whitelist to all future NFT release by Neon City NFT.


By holding a POPDAWG NFT and being an active contributor in our discord, we will issue 250x HYPYBEAST MINTING PASS which will entitle the holder to exclusive giveaways and FREE MINT on future NFT released by Neon City NFT.


Neon City NFT will launch its metaverse experience in The Sandbox for our members to chill out and share experiences.


POPDAWG NFT holders will be able to stake their NFT to generate $POPBONE which can be used to redeem merch and NFTs. $POPBONE is a utilty token and shall have no monetary value


POPDAWG NFT holders will receive free airdrops from our collaboration partners (more info soon)


We do not forget to make the world a better place. A portion of profits will be used to donate to international charitable organizations.

NeonCity Team

Valla4ever (David C)

Project Leader

Smashpop (Jason G)

Lead Designer

Billionaire (DJ Keith Mintz)

Community Manager

Playbinbin (Rubin S)

Streetwear Director

Piupiu (Joe Loke)

Community Manager

Zen81 (WY Low)

NFT and Crypto Consultant

Tonggoh (XT Goh)

Event Manager

xLynx (Louise T)

GameFi Enthusiast



Licensed Venture Capital and Management Corporation

Financial and Business Consultant of Neon City NFT. A licensed VCMC Company with current Asset Under Management of estimate USD 30 Million


Manufacturer of Merchandise and Apparels

Years of experience in manufacturing of premium apparels and merchandise

Techtics Solutions Sdn Bhd

Blockchain Technology Development

IT business solutions using emerging technologies to enterprises and industries. We provide solutions designs and build deliver systems, apps and web. We believe in and focus on delivering Business Solution related to Blockchain and Education